Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Commission Management System

What can you do with Business Central?

If you are looking for a Commission Management System, you will only find rudimentary support in standard Business Central. This is fine, if your commission structure is very simple.

You can calculate commissions based on Sales and on Gross Profit. However, you can only define one commission rate per salesperson. You can only define one salesperson per sales and all sales is commissionable.

You can run a commission report filtered on a date range; but you cannot process commission payments for your salespeople automatically. It is also not possible to adjust any commissions.

Your Commission Management System

Most companies have more complex commission rules than what is available in standard Business Central. Therefore, we created the Commission Management System. We have spent a lot of effort over the past years. We added a lot of functionality to the solution to make it useful for as many companies as possible. And we continue to add more functionality. We will highlight some of the functionality here.

Commissions Based On Sales, Profit, or Quantity

Regardless, if you pay commissions based on the sales amount or the gross profit of a transaction, you can select between the different options and the system calculates everything for you. Do you have to calculate Royalty-Payments as well? This is where the ability to calculate commissions based on “Quantity Sold” comes in handy.

And you can do all of those in one system. You can define a system default calculation method, but can override this on a salesperson level. Each Salesperson can have the commissions calculated on Sales, Profit, or the Quantity sold.

Commissions Payable

The Commission Management System can be configured to determine when you pay out commissions. Do you pay a commission for a sale once the sale was entered in the system? Once you shipped the product? When you sent the invoice to the customer? Or when the customer actually paid the invoice? Do you only want to pay commissions on fully paid invoices? Or only on invoices that were paid on time?

You have a wide variety of different filters and setups. You can custom tailor the commission payments the way you need it. Regardless how you pay your salespeople, we have you covered. Do you have external salespeople you want to pay via checks? Do you have internal salespeople you want to pay through your integrated payroll service? You can select for each salesperson how you want to pay out commissions.

Multiple Salespeople

You can define an infinite number of salespeople per customer or even per ship-to location. Additionally, each of the salespeople can get credit for the entire or only a partial amount. You can conveniently default these setups on the customer or ship-to location; you can also be flexible and update this on each individual sale.

Commission Rates

When you start defining commission rates, you have a variety of options. You can define rates for a group of salespeople or individual salespeople. You can define different rates for different customer groups, customers, ship-to locations, item categories, or items.

Do you have an active sales promotion? You can define different commission rates for sales through the promotion as well as regular sales. Are your rates changing? Pre-define the new rates and make them active at a certain start date.

You can define rates as percentages of the sales amount or gross profit or also as a fixed amount. It is also possible to define different rates based on different minimum sales amounts.

Manager Commissions

Are your managers receiving commissions or bonuses based on the performance of their sales teams? You can define sales teams and a tiered commission structure for the manager. You can also define different commissions based on the growth of your sales.

Commission Management System Reporting

Although the Commission Management System provides the ability to review commissions directly at the time of entry; a salesperson can only view their own commissions. Besides reviewing single transactions, we also provide commission reports for salespeople. Those reports can even be emailed automatically on a periodic basis.

Do you want to use Microsoft Excel to slice and dice your data, create pivot tables, or pie charts? You can easily export the data to Excel and do ad hoc analysis.

Or you can use Power BI and the new Commission Management Report Pack to directly integrate into your Business Central instance and create powerful Power BI reports or use pre-defined reports.

Do you want to see an overview? This video shows some of the functionality for you.

Commission Management System for Business Central

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