What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Commission Management?

Our continuous improvements – Version 2.1.1

We are always working on improving our products. Therefore, we are proud to announce the latest version of the NAV-X Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Commission Management System. As part of this, we thrive to enhance the feature set of our products. This also includes solving issues that we have discovered. Learn more about the new Commission Management Features.

The New Commission Management Features

New Commission Effective Dates

We added two additional options. You can now define that your commissions rates that are valid at the invoice’s Due Date or Payment Date. The “Payment Date” option uses the commission rates valid at the invoice’s due date to estimate the commission payments. When cash is received from the customer, the system updates the commission rates with the then valid rates. The commission amounts for this invoice are recalculated and adjusted.

New Commission Calculations

You can now to define commission rates based on Sales Growth. Therefore can pay increasing rates based on a certain Sales Growth month over month. It is also easy to pay fixed bonuses based on the Sales Growth.

Commission Rate Setups

We made it now even easier to setup commission rates. You can now define commission rates on a parent item category. Those are valid for all item categories below – unless you overwrite those at a specific category.

You can also define maximum commission limits. For instance, you want to pay a certain amount of total commission for an item for a month. When this limit is reached, no more commissions are paid out.

We allow the definition of commission rates per one of the Global Dimensions now. This is another alternative to the already existing groupings; It allows you to define different sets of commission rates for different groups.

Different rates for initial sales or past due invoices

If you want to pay a higher commission for the initial sale to a customer and lower rates for all subsequent sales, you can now setup different rates for the initial sale that overwrite the normal commission rates setup.

Are your salespeople also responsible for collections of outstanding invoices? In this case, you might want to incentivize your salespeople to collect payments quickly. You can now define reduced commission rates based on the days that an invoice is overdue.

User Interface

We worked hard on making the user interface for our Commission Management System easier to use. As part of this, we renamed certain actions to make them easier to understand. We also aligned the actions throughout the system to ensure that you can always find them in the same place.

We also added functionality to turn on or off certain features in the setup – if you don’t use something, there is no reason to actually show this on screen. Don’t worry, we have not changed licensing or charge more for new functionality; if you don’t see something that you have seen before, it is either turned off in the setup or renamed.

We also integrated our online help more into the product. With this integration you have more access to direct page help by just pressing [Ctrl] + F1 or clicking on Help in each of our pages. You can also access our online help directly from the setup.


We added charts that are integrated in the role center. You can use those to display commission amounts on the Business Central Homepage. The charts can show commissions by salesperson. These charts also respect security settings and ensure that your salespeople can only see their own commissions.

We created new data queries. With those you now can easily create Power BI reports for your commission data and report on a variety of different metrics.

We added automatic emailing functionality. Therefore, you now can automatically send commission reports to your salespeople at the end of the month. There is no need anymore to produce custom reports for all your salespeople individually.


We have worked hard on redesigning the internals of the commission calculation and made it extensible. As a result you can now add your own commission types and develop functionality by hooking into specific events to replace the standard commission calculations with your own.

Additional language and country support

We are now offering our Commission Management System in multiple new countries and have also translations available for Spanish, French, and German.

How can I get the new version?

Do you like the new Commission Management features? You can get the app directly on Microsoft AppSource or from your partner. Don’t have a partner? You can contact one of our partners or also contact us directly.

New Commission Management Features available on AppSource

Business Central Commission Management System by NAV-X is available on Microsoft AppSource.

Do you own the Commission Management app for Business Central already? For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS, you will automatically be upgraded to the latest version over time. You can also upgrade now; please contact us and we assist you.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premise, please contact your partner. If you have an active subscription or our enhancement plan, you are eligible to get updates free of charge. Your partner might charge you a fee to install the app.

We will be releasing this version for all currently supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well. Currently, we are in the process of finalizing the releases. Please work with your partner, if you require the new version.